Veg plot 2020: Goodbye to the tomatoes

We decided this morning that the fruits remaining on the tomato vines really weren’t getting any riper, so this afternoon my daughter and I stripped off all of the remaining tomatoes that were worth having and pulled up all the plants, feeding the stems into the shredder and adding them to the compost heap. The pepper plants remain, but suddenly the polytunnel is looking very empty. Even the peppers won’t be there much longer I think.

The positive side of all this cleaning up is that I do now have the opportunity to remove all the beds down one side of the polytunnel and replace them with a no-dig bed the full length of the tunnel. If I get a wiggle on with that then I should be able to plant out the lettuce seedlings that are currently growing in the greenhouse. There’s precious little chance of doing that in the evenings now we’ve returned to GMT however, so I’ll just have to try to find time as and when I can.

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