Veg plot 2020, #48

The hideous weather meant that I’ve mostly done indoors jobs today, but I did make time to get out to the greenhouse for a while. I evicted a number of snails (I think they’ve been getting in through the vents in the roof) and then planted some of the lettuces I’m keeping for winter salads. I used newspaper to line mushroom trays, filled them with compost and then planted six plants to a tray. After doing the first one I decided it was better to water the compost before putting the plants in. Perhaps I need a smaller watering can with a finer rose. There are red Little Gem and Webbs Wonderful:

and Lollo Rossa and a “frilly” green variety called Robinson that we’ve not grown before this year:

They’ll now stay in the greenhouse all winter.

I still have the coriander, chervil and mustards to plant the same way, but I’ll have another look at them tomorrow and decide if they’re really big enough to transplant yet.

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