Veg plot 2020, #30

[22nd August]

I had some time to spend in the veggie plot today. My daughter and I lifted the last of the onions — all the small ones I’d left in the ground to see if they’d get any fatter, and then stripped all the pods from the “sprawling” beans before putting their remains into the compost. We ended up with a large trug (about five gallon size, I guess) full to overflowing with bean pods. We’ve started sorting them into ones that might still be edible whole and shelling the rest into “green” and “black” beans. So far we’re just over halfway through. In the process of clearing away the beans it’s become obvious that the peas need a final pick over before being consigned to the compost too. I’m not expecting much — probably a few peas that might be ok for soups and that’s about it. After that a fair bit of the plot is going to look pretty bare.

My winter salad seeds have arrived over the last couple of days, so I shall get planting those soon.

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