Veg plot 2020, #11

[28th June]

Well, it’s been a bonkers day today. Every time I went outside there was (often horizontal) rain and when I moved into the greenhouse or polytunnel the Sun came out and it was boiling hot!

However, I managed a little planting outdoors and planted the last of the peas in pots in the greenhouse where the partridges can’t get at them: once they’re big enough I’ll plant them out. I also staked up the taller chile and pepper plants , did a bit of thinning of the carrots and took the protective “cages” off most of the brassicas now they’re tall enough to survive the birds. I did however notice a Small White butterfly laying eggs on some of the leaves. The eggs are almost impossible to spot unless you see the butterfly laying them so I shall have to keep an eye out for the caterpillars over the next few weeks. Next year I think I will plant some nasturtiums as a “floral shield” 🙂 And of course they’re edible too, so clearly they belong in the veggie plot. Between them my wife and daughter also picked cherries, raspberries and sugar snap peas. I’m hoping there will be enough raspberries by the end of the season to make some raspberry vodka. I shall pass on the “peapod burgundy” though.

Oh, the thinning of the carrots means we now have a load of baby carrots about ten to twelve mm across the “shoulder” and about 10cm long to go with dinner this week. I’m looking forward to those…

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