Swimming, 4th September 2020

I had a more successful pool visit today, swimming to the end of the session, but I did have to skip the odd rep here and there (four in total I think) to get through it. Still clearly quite tired. I’m wonder if my body might actually be fighting something off as I was suddenly very shivery and cold after work today, lay down for a while, fell asleep for an hour and a half and shortly after waking up felt very hot.

And I know I said I was going to stick at thirty press-ups for a while, but yesterday I did thirty-one without stopping, perhaps thanks to not having pushed too hard in the pool. And tonight I did thirty-two, although I did have a break at twenty-five as the alternative was landing on my nose 🙂

Hopefully a bit of recovery time over the weekend will see me good to go again on Monday, though things get a bit messy for other reasons from next week. For the next two months from Monday, the only road from here into the town where I swim that isn’t single-track is closed for repairs to a railway bridge. The posted diversion is in the region of twenty-five miles. I’m going to need to find a better way…

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