Swimming, 28th August 2020

As soon as I got in the water today I could feel that they weren’t fully recovered, although I did manage 46s for my first rep. After that things settled down and I was swimming around 49s/50s for most reps. After twenty I was really struggling, but surprised myself by keeping below 51s until the last three or four reps of the session when it all got a bit too much and I was basically surviving rather than swimming. With barely a minute to go of the session and only one other person in the pool the lifeguard shouted over to me “You’ve got time for one more, James!” so I felt I had to try, but it wasn’t pretty 🙂

However, I did the full session and not really any worse than yesterday, so I’m actually feeling very pleased with myself. Another reduction in rest interval next week. No swimming on Monday though, because the sports centre is closed.

As I was leaving I was followed out by a woman who had also been swimming in the fast lane. I’d caught up with her and passed her quite a few times on the first length of my reps, only to find her right on my feet at the end of the second length. We got into conversation and she admitted that she’d been drafting me off the turns so she could have a bit of a rest during her endurance set!

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