Swimming, 25th September 2020

I slept fairly badly last night — woke up after four hours or so and spent the rest of the night drifting in and out of sleep feeling stressed about work. There was more work stress this morning too, so I wasn’t expecting much when I got to the pool other than the opportunity to unwind a bit. My tiredness definitely showed — I was down at least a second per rep on yesterday, but actually I did pretty well overall. I managed twenty reps before having to skip one — two more than yesterday, and skipped a second at thirty-two. Three more reps got me to the end of the session, but I was absolutely dying by then. Got a nice comment from the chap who was sharing the fast lane with me afterwards, clearly a few years younger than me, who said that I had quite a scary work rate and that he wouldn’t be able to do that 🙂

There was unpleasantness on the way home though. The narrow lane some of us are using as a cut through to avoid the closed bridge has earth banks each side with (mostly) hedges on top — quite traditional around here. At one sharp blind bend a car had clearly gone straight on and was perched on top of the opposite bank. I assume no-one was hurt, but you’d have to be really trying to have managed that.

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