Swimming, 18th August 2020

Well, today was “interesting”. On the positive side the lifeguards were being much more proactive about moving people between lanes when they really didn’t fit in. I still needed to “make my own space” quite a bit though, and I did nearly squash a couple of swimmers on the turns. Overall it was better considering there were five swimmers in the lane and I was trying to swim to a set schedule though, so I thanked the manager for his efforts when I saw him on the way out.

The first ten reps were pretty good and I even dipped down into the 46s for some reps. After that I could very much feel the tiredness building in my arms and keeping the pace up became as much of a mental struggle as a physical one. However, I did manage to keep going and despite dropping into the 50s a few times I did keep things going to the end of the session, by which point I was a total pile of jelly 😀

So I have a day off tomorrow, and then on Thursday I shall be attempting the same thing, but with a repeat interval of 1’40s instead of 1’45s.

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