Swimming, 17th September 2020

It turns out dropping another five seconds off my interval time makes my set quite hard 😀

Today didn’t start off well. I was late because the bridge that was being closed but hasn’t actually been fully closed for the last ten days was actually completely closed today, so I had to turn around and cut through some single-track roads to get to the pool. I have heard rumours that they were intending to keep one lane open, but having taken the surface off on the other side they’ve decided it really isn’t safe enough, so perhaps that’s actually the reason.

Anyhow, I managed to keep the reps on 80 seconds going until I got to fourteen at which point I really couldn’t control my breathing in time for the next and had to skip one. I also had to skip reps 22 and 33 for the same reason, though by 33 I was also getting pretty tired and only managed a couple more before running out of time.

So tomorrow my primary target is to complete fourteen reps or more without skipping one, and then to swim the session out without skipping more than three reps.

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