Swimming, 13th August 2020

Rubbish swim today 🙁

To get to the sports centre I have to cross the bridge over the railway in the town, but it was closed and the posted diversion was about ten miles. I ended up dodging down country lanes to find another way and was late for the start of the session. Then even later because I arrived at reception (there’s no automated entry) behind someone who thought they’d just stop and have a chat for a while with the only member of staff there.

And when I got in the pool there were three other people in the fast lane, two of whom were clearly way too slow and unaware of what was going on around them to be safe there, but wouldn’t move to a more appropriate lane (I assume they didn’t book for the fast lane, but decided to swim there because there weren’t so many swimmers). After I’d almost stamped on one in the middle of a tumble turn and swum over both of them because I didn’t realise they were there (I gave one a length head start and still caught up with her on her next length) I pointed out to the lifeguard that it really wasn’t safe, but he wasn’t particularly desperate to do anything about it 🙁 The other slow swimmer (who was regularly stopping halfway up the lane to wipe water from his eyes because he wasn’t wearing goggles) stopped at the end of the lane next to me at one point and said “It’s too busy in this lane”. Err, no. There were only four of us.

So it didn’t go very well at all and I didn’t bother counting lengths because I was too busy trying to avoid the others and swim in gaps where I thought I wouldn’t catch up with them.

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