Swimming, 10th August 2020

Another trip to the pool late this afternoon. Given that there were fifteen people in the same session last week I was expecting it to be relatively busy, but in fact only five people turned up and I had the fast lane to myself. Looks like the post-lockdown excitement at being allowed to go swimming has already worn off for some 🙂

I worked hard today and it was tough going, but things went pretty well and I did better than any of my swims last week so I’m certainly happy with that. My technique was getting a bit ropey in the last few lengths though, and my right bicep suffered from a bit of cramp where I have a mahoosive inflamed area from being stung by my bees yesterday. I’m finding that sometimes I have to concentrate so hard on technique that I miss my markers for the turns and make a complete pig’s ear of them. I intend to use passing under the 5m flags as an indicator that the end of the lane is coming, take a last breath as I reach the “T” at the end of the lane line, take one more full stroke and then flip into the turn with the following stroke, but when I’m concentrating really hard my eyes sort of “switch off” and I end up reaching the “T” without realising it was coming and then have to try desperately to get a breath in before I run out of space and hit the wall 😀

Already looking forward to going tomorrow now. I just hope my body can keep up the pace!

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