Swimming, 23rd January 2020

Same set again, as ever. However, I decided that as the entire arm, and particularly the lower arm, generates forward motion in the pull, I’d mentally try to focus on what that part of my arm was doing, rather than just thinking about the pressure on my hands. Without consciously changing my technique, every time I pulled I’d focus on applying force at a position on my arm about where one might normally wear a watch.

I failed on rep twelve on the 50m set, so one better than the previous session, but what was particularly interesting was that merely by changing my focus during the pull, I was feeling tiredness both in my upper lats and lower triceps. As a coach I find this quite fascinating. The tiredness surely can only be because I am working harder, or because I’m using those muscles in a different way. That either of those things can result merely from a change of focus without any intent to change technique is very interesting.

Thanks to the tiredness the 25m set was quite dire though 😀

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