Robert Brown Arduino dew controller build, step by step #13

The remaining components in the case — the fan, USB connector, power socket and DHT22 are now fitted.

I drilled the mounting holes for the fan and USB socket through the walls of the case as I wasn’t confident that I would get a sufficiently neat hole if I’d 3d-printed them. For the DHT22 I used a 3-pin connector on one end with a 3-way cable and a 4-pin connector on the end that actually plugs into the sensor itself as it has four pins with no connection on pin 3.

I also found time to make a start on fitting components to the lid.

I did this on a night when I’d had to work very late. I went to bed and found I couldn’t sleep, so at half past three in the morning I got up and spent half an hour cutting wires to length for the rest of the components in the lid to try to relax 🙂

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