It’s been a while…

I’ve not posted about swimming (nor indeed anything else it seems) for a couple of months. This is not because I haven’t been swimming. However, on her return to school after the summer holidays my daughter managed to catch a horrible cold virus within a couple of days which she then very kindly shared with me. I’ve been struggling to get rid of it for a couple of months now and I’m still not really done. Day-to-day things are fine, but if I get into a swimming pool and try to push myself I’m struggling for breath. I suspect that in fact I might have caught several different cold viruses in rapid succession. Things are getting better, but even two days ago I went to the pool and felt as though my body couldn’t actually remember how to swim properly 🙁

Regardless, I’ve been doing the best I can, trying to keep fitness levels somewhere up where I’d like them whilst working on technique. I’ve also shortened my usual set of 50m reps and added a set of 25m reps at a faster pace afterwards.

I’ll start posting updates on all this next week.

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