Swimming, 27th June 2019

Lovely day to be in the pool today as it has suddenly become very warm without giving us a chance to get used to the heat, but I’ve not slept very well in days now and I am feeling a little ragged 🙁

Nonetheless, not wanting to give myself excuses not to swim, I set off with the new set:

  • 400m f/c warm-up
  • 24 x 50m f/c, target time 49s, turnaround 75s
  • 200m swim down

This session was always a struggle. I managed to get to halfway without a failure, at which point continuing really became a matter of willpower. I set myself a target of making the next four, which to my slight surprise I did. Then the next four, at which point things went really crazy and every one was less than 48s despite trying to slow them down a bit to give myself a chance of making it to the end. Reps twenty-one and twenty-two started to get quite tough and by twenty-three there was almost nothing left in the tank. Just enough to get me to the end of the set though, at which point my legs were giving out and there was no power left in my arms. Can’t ever be unhappy about completing the set though 🙂

USRPT distance this year: 158,650m
Total distance this year: 163,000m

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