Swimming, 11th April 2019

Another trip to the pool with my daughter, today. And quite pleasant it was, as there were nowhere near as many people in the water as earlier in the week. My set was the same as earlier this week:

  • 400m f/c warm-up
  • 24 x 50m f/c, target time 50.5s, turnaround 75s
  • 200m swim down

I wasn’t entirely sure how it was going to go. I can’t say that I felt entirely up for the session, but I’ve learnt in such situations it’s best just go get going and see what happens.

What happened was that after a few inconsistent reps at the start I settled down to 48s and 49s for most of my reps, but again couldn’t quite sustain the pace and ended up failing on rep twenty, after which it was easy enough to finish the set off.

I’m not disappointed though. That’s one more rep than I managed last time and I’m getting very close to nailing this set now. Tomorrow, assuming I am able to swim, might be a bit optimistic, but hopefully in the first half of next week.

USRPT distance this year: 93,600m
Total distance this year: 96,150m

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