Building an observatory. Construction #56

This evening I’ve had a bit of a “tidying up” session in the observatory. All the spare materials and tools have been moved to the warm room and the scope room is now completely empty and swept. Hoovered, even.

That done I removed and numbered each of the sections of aluminium channel for the lighting. The intention is that tomorrow I can start painting the scope room (more easily done if the lighting isn’t in place). I’ve bought some paint in the aptly-named colour “galaxy blue”. It actually looks quite a dark blue-grey.

Once the paining is done I can finally fit all of the lighting and test it out. I’m very much looking forward to doing that as it will allow me to decide how to progress with the warm room lighting (and ceiling).

The next major job in the scope room is probably getting the piers built, though I still have to sort out the end flap. Talking of piers, having cleaned up all the sawdust and suchlike, I discovered this around one pier:

Looks like a rodent has been chewing on my flooring. Clearly I need to get something in their to discourage it, but I might also fit some aluminium or steel angle over the edge to protect it.

There are also quite a few outside jobs I can be getting on with now the weather seems to be improving (for at least the next few days, anyhow).

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