Swimming, 12th March 2019

The pool was quite busy today. I had to persuade a couple of pensioners that they’d really be better off the “slow” lane instead of trying to share the only other lane available with myself and another swimmer going about twice as fast as they were. They weren’t best pleased, but common sense prevailed in the end.

I don’t usually swim that well when the pool is crowded because the water becomes very choppy and I didn’t sleep at all well last night, but I can’t really complain about today’s performance, particularly after yesterday’s disaster. I managed eighteen reps before failing just the once on nineteen, though I was a little late setting off on a couple as a result of trying to avoid the other swimmer in the lane. That messed up my next rest interval a bit which in turn made the following rep somewhat harder. Still, I’ve got no complaints given the improvement.

Hopefully I can now continue to improve and we’ll just gloss over Monday’s performance 🙂

USRPT distance this year: 65,550m
Total distance this year: 67,350m

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