Building an observatory. Construction #46

Weather that started merely unpleasant turned to completely horrible throughout the course of the day, so whilst keeping an eye on the rugby I’ve been finishing off insulating the outside walls of the warm room. The additional insulation I needed arrived earlier this week and I’ve been doing a few pieces between finishing work and darkness falling in the evenings when it was possible, but today I was determined to get through the rest of it.

To insulate the internal wall I need to clad one side first, but I haven’t ordered the ply for cladding the walls yet.  And before I can fix it I need to adjust the window height (and make the opening the correct size) and also make sure rain can’t run back along the roof rails into the scope room, so those are probably the next two jobs.  I really do need to think about making a proper door soon, too.

I really could do with an improvement in the weather soon.  We’ve had winds gusting up to 45-50mph pretty much without a break for the last ten days or so now and that’s no time for working with the roof open or mucking about with lengths of cladding 🙁

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