Building an observatory. Construction #45

It’s been another unpleasant weekend weather-wise (pretty much for everyone in the UK and Ireland by the looks of the news), but I eventually forced myself to get outside and do a little work on the observatory.

The first job was to finish off the warm room floor around the cable trunking.  Unfortunately that meant removing my temporary power supply (I had an extension lead running up through the gap).  When the weather is a little more pleasant I’ll work out another way to do it.  I also managed to get caught outside in a sudden hailstorm, which wasn’t pleasant

After that I used up all the remains of the insulation I have, fitting it in the warm room walls.  The builder’s merchant was supposed to deliver some more last week, but they didn’t turn up.  I’ll have to enquire about it tomorrow.  I’d only piggy-backed it on an order for some other jobs because fitting the insulation is a nice simple inside job that doesn’t require lots of wandering back and forth between the observatory and workshop.

Finally during a break in the cloud I dropped the end flap down and trimmed a little off one corner where it was binding on the roof rails, which means it now closes much more neatly.

That’s two more jobs ticked off the list which is good news.

Doesn’t look like there’s much of a let-up in the weather this week other than for a few hours of sunshine tomorrow, so I’ll try to get outside then and re-route the extension cable to allow me to do things inside in the evenings.  I’ve got a lot of  jobs backing up that need at least half-reasonable weather though.  I need to be able to get on with those at some point soon.

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