Swimming, 15th February 2019

Had the pool to myself again today when I started, and there weren’t more than two other swimmers in for my entire session.

Again my target was just to do better than last time, and I did indeed managed to complete twenty-two reps, but felt relatively comfortable at that point and managed to keep going to finish the entire set. Very pleased with myself, I was 🙂

I think I can probably take another five seconds off the turnaround time at this point and still have between twenty and twenty-five seconds rest for each rep. My times for the fifties have been stabilising throughout the set recently whereas six weeks ago I’d probably start just as quickly, but the times dropped off towards the end (though I was still hitting my target most of the time). It’s certainly not going to be easy though. It’s quite obvious how much longer it has taken to be able to complete my current set without a fail than previous ones. Anyhow, I’ll see how it goes next time.

USRPT distance this year: 43,350m
Total distance this year: 45,150m

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