Swimming, 12th February 2019

A second very quiet day in the pool. Odd that Monday and Tuesday last week were really busy, but this week have been very quiet. Anyhow, usual drill. Same set as previous swims with an aim to get just a little further.

It’s becoming quite tough now, though I have noticed that as I work my way through this set trying to complete the full twenty-four reps, my swim times look to be getting faster. I can’t complain about that, but I’ll stick to the plan because then I know where I am. Despite the difficulty I did manage one extra rep before my first (only) failure on rep twenty-one today. I was very pleased to get that far. Not sure if I go for a big push to complete the full set this week or just try to make sure I keep moving forward and hopefully finish it early next week. I suspect I’ll probably end up doing the latter.

USRPT distance this year: 39,800m
Total distance this year: 41,600m

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