Swimming, 29th January 2018

The pool was unusually busy when I arrived today and had two lanes in place, one with three people circulating at a leisurely pace, the other with two swimmers swimming side by side, one clearly significantly quicker than the other.

The lifeguard put in a “slow lane” sign for the first and “fast lane” for the second, which I joined (I’m really not fast, but I’m faster than the people who were swimming at the time). The slower, older swimmer read the sign and switched to swimming clockwise in the lane, but showed no intention of moving. In fact she clearly decided that she could do breaststroke and wouldn’t get in the way of the two of us swimming front crawl 🙁 A little later she decided to change to backstroke up the middle of the lane, but stopped and stood up every time she got to within 10m of the wall at the shallow end and walked the rest of the way. Totally bonkers! I was on the point of asking a life guard to “have a word” because I was concerned about ploughing into the back of her when she got out.

So, it was quite a messed up set, difficult to hit starting times and to be able to turn safely. In the end I just tried to do the best I could and swim the complete set even if it wasn’t at the right intervals. I’ll have another go at it later in the week.

USRPT distance this year: 27,650m
Total distance this year: 29,450m

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