Swimming, 18th June 2018

Unfortunately work intervened and I didn’t get to swim on Friday. I spent Sunday coaching at a swimming meet and really wasn’t feeling too bright today, but went to the pool determined to have a third crack at the current set:

400m front crawl warm-up
25 x 50m front crawl, target time 53s, rest interval 22s
200m front crawl swim down

It really was hard today. Could have been the effects of the previous day, or perhaps that I just didn’t eat early enough and didn’t have as much energy as I really needed, but I was fighting pretty much the entire way through the set. I did eventually make it, with most reps taking 50s, a few excursions into the 51s and one over 52s. I was utterly exhausted by the end though.

So now I go down to 52s with a 23s rest interval.

USRPT distance this year: 44,900m
Total distance this year: 98,850m

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