Hardwiring the NextBase 312GW to a Ford Fiesta

It’s irritating that I neglected to take photos of this though there are plenty of videos on YouTube. I was expecting a bucketful of problems installing the hardwire kit for my dashcam, but actually it turned out to be quite simple.

The first step was to pull away the door seal where it passes the ends of the dash and up along the liner up the side of the windscreen. They dash has a section that clips on at either end which needs to be removed to give access to the fusebox. I’ve seen people using all sorts to remove this, but in my case I was able to remove it with my fingers. The glove compartment also needs dropping down which can be done by squeezing together the top of both sides and allowing the glove box to drop downwards.

Then it’s just a question of running the power cable from the camera mount into the headlining, down the windscreen pillar and into the space behind the glove box through the spaces exposed by removing the end of the dash.

I found that the earth terminal of the hardwire kit didn’t fit onto the recommended bolt, so I used a different one, sandwiching the connector between the head of the bolt and a washer.

After that it was just a case of plugging in the fuse box link. On the Fiesta there doesn’t appear to be any labelling, but after some contemplation I worked out that the fuses go from bottom left to right, followed by each of the rows above in turn. I think I picked on the circuit for the wipers and rear window demister as my power source in the end.

All that done it was merely necessary to turn the ignition on to check that the camera fired up, which it did perfectly.

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