Yet another new pair of goggles

Six months ago I had something of a struggle to find a new pair of swimming goggles, but eventually settled on a pair of Finis Bolt goggles that I found very comfortable once I’d got used to them and served well until now. Sadly they’ve reached the point where they’ve collected enough scratches (despite being kept separately in my swimming bag) that I can’t see out of them well enough to read the pace clock at the pool (though that wouldn’t be a problem if they’d fix the one on the side of the pool I actually tend to use).

Someone recommended TYR Racetech goggles and at £8.50 a pair I thought I’d give them a whirl. First impressions are that they look a bit odd, having flat lenses with a sharp “corner” on the outside edge and a very wide strap. The strap is also quite short. When adjusted to fit my head there’s less than 2cm of the end of the strap free after it has been fed through the buckle.

Anyhow, we’ll see how I get on with them tomorrow.

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