Swimming, 26th September 2017

Really enjoyed today. Swam 2km as 8 x 250m faster than I’ve managed since I got the hang of bilateral breathing. I really wasn’t working that hard either. At the tri session the coach said I needed to work on lengthening my stroke for the longer distances so I worked on brushing my thigh with my thumb at the end of each pull and relaxing the stroke rate a little. It looks like it went well 🙂 To follow that I did 250m fly kick, 250m as 5 x 50m front crawl working on turns at the deep end and then did some experimentation turning at the shallow end which always makes me nervous as I’m convinced I’ll hit the bottom on the way out. But as it happens I didn’t.

Total distance for the month: 43,500m
Total distance for this year: 408,300m
Distance compared to annual target: 39,400m ahead

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