My first proper session plan

After completion all the work for my Swimming Coach qualification I needed a bit of a break from thinking about writing sessions and the new head coach was comfortable with doing it, so I’ve taken a while off. Last week however I was asked if I’d like to start writing some again and I quite like the idea now so we’re going to start organising that, increasing the number I do over time.

This week I just have to write one, based around butterfly. The swimmers in question have a wonderful collection of problems that need working on, many related to synchronisation, but also leaving a “space” in the kick during the breathing stroke and one who does a sort of double arm front crawl recovery. The synchronisation problems are in the main breathing too late, which makes an utter mess of the entire stroke.

I think I’m going to go back to basics, work on the undulation of the body from the shoulders down and build up from there, probably adding a bit of biondi, some drills where they only take two or three strokes, single arm drills and doing one pull after multiple kicks. I might use one of my own pool sessions this week to try a few things out first.

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