Swimming, 8th August 2017

On the recommendation of a friend I had planned to go and watch a tri fitness (swimming) session on Monday eveningto see if I fancied doing it for a bit of a change to my usual swims, but there’s been a lurgy going around and it seems like I caught a mild dose of it. Between the car and the entrance to the pool I suddenly felt far too ill to swim and had to go straight back home 🙁

By Tuesday lunchtime I was feeling a little better so decided I could get to the pool and do an easier session, if multiple 100s can count as “easier”. It was much the same style as recent swims, but with plenty of 100s practicing bilateral breathing thrown in. I did at least cut back on the distance though, covering only 2,100m.

Total distance for the month: 12,600m
Total distance for this year: 324,700m
Distance compared to annual target: 16,100m ahead

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