Swimming, 31st August 2017

Today I swam pretty much the same session as yesterday. It was a harder start to the session to be honest. I was struggling a bit at first, but eventually got into things and by the last but one 250 I was feeling fairly good, so I switched to full bilateral breathing for the last one, followed by 400m kick and another 400m as 50s with bilateral breathing and tumble turns. I’m starting to get the hang of switching my breathing to suit the turn I think, though it certainly needs more work. Total distance for the day was 2,800m.

This is my third month on the bounce covering more than 50km, which certainly makes my annual target of 500km look achievable. I’ve reassessed where I am compared with that target based on how far we are through the year as opposed to a rough estimate of needing to do 10km per week, so hopefully that should be a bit more accurate now.

Total distance for the month: 52,700m
Total distance for this year: 364,800m
Distance compared to annual target: 31,900m ahead

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