Swimming, 21st August 2017

I went to the tri fitness swimming session in the 33.3m pool again today, but instead of my normal swim session rather than in addition to it. It was quite a different set to last week:

6 lengths swim
6 lengths choice drill
6 lengths pull
4 x 6 lengths as 2 lengths swim, 1 length finger drag, 2 lengths swim, 1 length “doggy paddle”, 30 seconds rest after each six lengths
6 lengths alternating “fists” and “wide fingers”
8 lengths easy swim
6 x 1 length “doggy paddle”, 15 seconds rest
6 lengths swim down

(All front crawl.) I ran out of time to finish the six lengths of doggy paddle and only did two in the end, for a total of 58 lengths, or about 2,100m.

Total distance for the month: 38,300m
Total distance for this year: 350,400m
Distance compared to annual target: 23,800m ahead

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