Swimming, 7th July 2017

Another hot day and the water in the outdoor pool was back up to “far too warm to be comfortable” type temperatures. I managed 3,300m, mostly front crawl, but some also did some underwater work off the walls at my daughter’s insistence (and much to her amusement given that I can’t get anywhere near as far as she can) and a little breaststroke, during which I discovered that my kick is utterly useless and provides almost no propulsion whatsoever, which is probably why I find it such hard work. Back to the drawing board with that one.

The major plus is getting ahead of schedule on my target distance for the year. I’m not actually sure I have the amount right at the moment — I need to go back and check my maths, but certainly I’m ahead one way or another.

Total distance for the month: 18,500m
Total distance for this year: 270,600m
Distance compared to annual target: 2,000m ahead

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