Swimming, 6th June 2017

In complete contrast to yesterday there were no more than four people in the pool during the entire time I swam today. I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do and I was still feeling a little tired from the effects of yesterday, but somehow I felt driven to try it again. So I just got my head down and cracked on. I have to admit it was tough. My arms weren’t always entirely keen. I tried to work on technique as much as possible, keeping in my head something I’d read yesterday about swimming front crawl being like pulling yourself along a rope, arm over arm. It’s an analogy that resonates for me. Not particularly in terms of the lower arms, but certainly in terms of positioning of the upper arms in order that the load is transferred to the back and the chest during the pull.

I took it right down to the wire to finish the 3km. The life guards were removing the lane ropes around me as I finished my last length 🙂 The last 500m was a bit of a killer and I felt exhausted when I got out, but in fact I’d done the distance about ten minutes faster than I did yesterday so I really shouldn’t have any complaints. Particularly as I also reached 200km for the year so far as well.

I might do something a little easier tomorrow though.

Total distance for the month: 6,000m
Total distance for this year: 201,000m
Distance compared to annual target: 23,000m under

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