Swimming, 22nd June 2017

For a change today the pool didn’t feel cold when I got into the water. Either the cooler weather or the lower temperature on poolside (it apparently reached 43C on the pool deck last Sunday) made the water feel warmer.

Once again I stuck to front crawl, but it was a very tough swim today. Some combination of lack of sleep due to the hot weather and tiredness thanks to already swimming over 9km this week meant I struggled quite a lot through the first 1,500m, but eventually made 2.5km and made the distance up to 3km with some kick and more bilateral breathing practice. As there was a minute or two left I did another couple of lengths and almost fell straight into bilateral breathing without even intending to, which feels quite promising. I think there’s still more work to do there, but it feels like I might not be too far off now.

As a bonus I passed 40km for the month and I’m now only about a week behind where I would like to be against my target for the year of 500km (though I prefer to say it as half a million metres because it sounds more impressive 🙂

Total distance for the month: 40,200m
Total distance for this year: 235,200m
Distance compared to annual target: 12,800m under

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