Swimming, 19th June 2017

Such a pleasant day to be in the pool, and I was very much enjoying it. I stuck to front crawl, swimming the first 1,000m non-stop, then another 1,500m in three sets, finishing off with some kick and finally pull practising bilateral breathing. My plan had been to stop at 3km, but I clearly had my swimming arms on and kept going to make the distance up to two miles (3.2km).

As well as continuing to work on developing an “early vertical forearm” catch which is proving hard work to get into “muscle memory”, thanks to some comments from a coach on Saturday I also wanted to keep thinking about the elbow leading the recovery. I discovered it’s very hard to think about both at the same time.

Total distance for the month: 31,200m
Total distance for this year: 226,200m
Distance compared to annual target: 15,800m under

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