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We’ve had some piles of spoil from building work sitting about for quite some time. Until now they’ve been out of the way and it was easy enough to pretend they weren’t there, but recently I’ve decided they really need to be shifted to give us better access. And to make the place look a bit tidier, to be fair.

So, over the half-term holiday I took some time off work and rented a two tonne dumper to help get it shifted, thinking it would take two or three days and I’d be able to get some other stuff done with the time too.

I hadn’t quite realised how big the dumper would be. It dwarfs a normal family saloon car and the seat must be about 1.4m above the ground. It took a bit of practice to get the hang of the steering causing it to bend in the middle. I’d also massively underestimated the amount of stuff there was to shift. Overall I think I probably shifted well over 100 tonnes of material, mostly rock and subsoil, much of it covering the bare area in the picture of the dumper above. In the end it took me five days to shift it all. Well worth the effort though and I’m glad I did it. For what it cost I think it was great value for money. Next time I might go for a smaller capacity model though…

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