Swimming, 25th May 2017

Yet again I was late to the pool today, but at least this time it was due to the arrival of a dumper truck that I’ve rented for the week of half-term so I can shift a load of spoil from building work we’ve had done. More of that in another post perhaps.

So, yet again just a front crawl swim, this time of 2,600m, instead of the repeat of the Swimfit session I did earlier in the week that I had in mind. It felt quite tough, though wasn’t that fast based on the time taken. Given the heat today it was very pleasant just to be in the pool, a fact particularly brought home by spending two hours poolside coaching in the evening when it would have been far more relaxing to have been in the water.

I’m very keen to keep up the distance at the moment. If I can I could reduce the distance that I’m behind target by quite a big chunk.

Total distance for the month: 45,100m
Total distance for this year: 192,500m
Distance compared to annual target: 15,500m under

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