Hatching plans

Today I’ve ordered some eggs to put in the incubator. We didn’t raise any chicks last year and we’re down to only a few hens now, so it’s about that time again. In fact if I left it any later I don’t think it would work out in terms of fitting around other things we have going on.

We like different colours of eggs, so I’ve ordered a dozen each of White Leghorn (that lay white eggs), Cream Legbar (blue eggs) and Copper Black Maran (dark brown eggs). Assuming we get a few cockerels then I might let the Marans and Cream Legbars cross-breed as in the past we’ve done this and had second generation hens that lay green eggs.

Best get the incubator out and make sure it’s all working 🙂

I’d really like to try raising some ducks from eggs too, but I need to organise a suitable environment for keeping them first.

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