Swimming, 30th March 2017

Oh yes, another crack at that Swimfit session:

14 lengths easy front crawl
Rest up to one minute
6 x 1 length moderate front crawl, rest for 20 seconds
5 x 2 lengths fast front crawl, rest for 20 seconds
8 lengths fast breaststroke
Rest until breathing returns to normal
8 lengths fast front crawl
Rest until breathing returns to normal
12 lengths easy front crawl

This time was probably the best I’ve done at it. I shall do it at least once more next week and then move on I think. Oddly I noticed that although my feeling is that I’ve struggled with this set, the estimated time to complete it is given as and hour and I don’t struggle with that at all. In fact I can probably do it in 45 minutes. It’s just being able to do eight lengths of fast breaststroke continuously that is the killer.

After this I made up the distance to 2,300m with front crawl.

Total distance for the month: 47,100m
Total distance for this year: 104,700m

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