OSX compile problem understood

Understood, but no solution is in sight unfortunately.

It turns out that configure doesn’t play nicely with -Werror and whilst my code still compiles and works on Linux when compiled that way it’s mostly luck. OSX does not (in my house at least) come with such a large dollop of good fortune.

Were it not for the fact that I have code for other projects that will fail to build with -Werror embedded in my code tree there was a possibility that adding the following to the top level Makefile.am would have helped:

WARNINGS = -Werror -O2 -g


allowing me to run

  $ make warnings

to build the system where warnings cause a compile error. In my case I don’t unfortunately see such a handy workaround.

On the positive side, I did at the same time discover that the option


in configure.ac significantly decreases the verbosity of the compilation process, so I shall tuck that one behind my ear for later.

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