Swimming, 21st February 2017

Didn’t swim on Monday as I didn’t feel particularly well. I’ve missed a fair bit recently what with half term changing the pool times. Today half the pool was roped off for some training thing that was going on and unfortunately the rest was very busy at the time I got in so I decided to stick with front crawl. I covered 2,600m including some turn practice. Interestingly I seem to be getting to the wall “on my other arm” now. When I initially started to learn to tumble turn I pretty much always got to the wall with my left arm pulling to initiate the rotation. Yesterday I found it was almost always my right arm. Hopefully this is just because my stroke is improving and I’m taking one fewer to complete a length. That does seem to be borne out by the fact that I used to be taking a breath as I was under the flags and now when I take that breath the flags are slightly behind me.

Total distance for the month: 19,900m
Total distance for this year: 52,100m

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