Yanmar YM1510D tractor battery replacement

I have a Yanmar 1510D compact tractor, brought into the UK as a grey import. It’s a great little thing. Does lots of stuff that anything larger would just be too big for. The battery is giving up the ghost however. On cold days it absolutely will not start. And I need it working for tomorrow to transport stuff around for the builder doing the barn roof replacement. Unfortunately there’s not much information to go on regarding obtaining a replacement and the labelling is all in what I assume may be either Japanese or Chinese, but regardless it’s unintelligible to me.

Having cleaned the dirt off a little I managed to find the text “60B24R”. I think, though I’m far from sure, that is something to do with the battery rating and dimensions. It was enough to stick into a search engine however, and the results led to the inference that it might be the same as an NS60 battery. That’s not something I could find for sale in the UK either, but in turn it looks like it might be the same as a Yuasa 057 model. That’s something that even Halfords stock as as the HSB5057 (or elsewhere it seems to be available as an YBX3057 or YBX5057). The dimensions looked correct so I decided to go for it.

Not everything went smoothly with the replacement however. The bolts holding the battery retaining bracket were so corroded that one of the stays snapped when I was trying to get them undone. And then the negative terminal connector collapsed when I was trying to undo it. For the time being I’ve wired the battery into place so it can’t rock about or slide around until I can make up some new stays. And the terminal connector I just closed up with a pair of pliers and then tapped it into place on the terminal. Hopefully that will hold until I can get a replacement strap to connect the negative terminal to the chassis.

Despite the problems, once wired up and given a little burst of preheat the engine fired up first time, so it can at least be used tomorrow morning.

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