Swimming, 23rd January 2017

Another Swimfit session today:

6 x 1 length backstroke, 1 length breaststroke, 1 length front crawl, easy pace.
One minute rest
6 x 1 length front crawl, average pace, 20 seconds rest
20 lengths quick front crawl
Rest until breathing returns to normal
4 x 1 length breaststroke kick, 15 seconds rest
8 x 1 length breaststroke pull, 15 seconds rest
4 x 2 lengths breaststroke, 30 seconds rest
1 length front crawl, 2 lengths breaststroke, 2 lengths backstroke, 1 length front crawl, 30 seconds rest every two lengths
4 lengths front crawl easy pace

After that I made the distance up to 2km doing reps of 2 lengths front crawl with a tumble turn at the deep end.

I found this a very tough session. I don’t particularly struggle with backstroke though I know I could do with more body rotation and my pull isn’t really that great, but I find it exhausting to swim so the first set (the warm-up!) became quite hard towards the end. Breaststroke I also find very demanding.

On the plus side, I think my breaststroke is improving thanks to the pull and kick sets. (In fact I did the pull sets with a small dolphin kick just to keep the momentum up, otherwise my legs sink.) I made more effort to shoot my hands forward at speed during the arm recovery and realised I was exhaling explosively during the in-scull. Getting the breathing more controlled really helped. What my legs are doing in the kick is still something of a mystery, but I’m trying to get my heels up to my bum, knees about hip-width apart and then kicking backwards rather than outwards. And to get legs and feet nicely streamlined at full extension.

No swimming tomorrow as I’m out on the “Swimming Coach” training course all day, but for the rest of the week the course starts at 1pm so I’ll try to get some pool time in first.

Total distance this month: 29,700m
Total distance this year: 29,700m

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