Swimming, 20th January 2017

Unlike yesterday, a quiet session in the pool again for my third Swimfit session. In the end I did:

5 x one length front crawl, one length backstroke, easy pace
One minute rest
6 x one length breaststroke, medium pace, 20 seconds rest
Four lengths quick front crawl
15 seconds rest
Four lengths front crawl kick
15 seconds rest
Four lengths front crawl pull
15 seconds rest
Four lengths front crawl
15 seconds rest
4 x 1 length front crawl sprint, 30 seconds rest
Four lengths front crawl, easy pace

After that I swam 500m front crawl practising turns at the deep end and a final easy-paced 100m front crawl.

I’ve not swum backstroke for a while and found it very hard physically. My breaststroke seems to be improving though. I’m thinking more about keeping my heels together from the end of the kick through the recovery phase so that my lower legs are as far as possible behind my body and not generating any more drag than necessary. My feeling is that my arm pull is a bit variable though. I shall be trying to work on that.

Total distance this month: 27,700m
Total distance this year: 27,700m

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