Support for Imaging Source cameras on OSX in oaCapture

I’ve done a fair bit of hacking on Ken Tossell’s userspace UVC camera library of late, adding support for bulk mode transfers, extending support for some other features and fixing a few bugs.  That doesn’t necessarily help me on Linux, but it does mean that I can start to support UVC cameras on the Mac, and in particular the Imaging Source USB CCD astro cameras (DMK21, DMK31, DMK41 and their colour equivalents) and also the Celestron Skyris models based on the same hardware.  As the historic line from TIS appears to have been “there will be no support for these cameras on the Mac” this seems like quite a step forward.

Unfortunately there are plenty of other TIS USB cameras that still aren’t supported.  Apparently the CMOS models use a different interface.  I don’t have any of those and they’re not commonly used for astroimaging, so support for them seems unlikely in the short term.

Here’s a couple of pictures of the DFK21 working on my MacBook and then a screenshot of the DMK21 from the same machine:

dfk-osx-1 dfk-osx-2 dmk-osx

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5 Responses to Support for Imaging Source cameras on OSX in oaCapture

  1. Walter says:

    I know there is no such thing as a free lunch! Are you making available your mod for Imaging Source Cameras on a Mac?


    • james says:

      Yes 🙂 The USB cameras should already work. I’m about to make a new release that should support the FireWire cameras as well.

      • Gunnar Maehlum says:


        Did you ever get the FireWire cameras to work om OS x?

        Best regards

        • james says:

          Yes, FireWire cameras should work on OSX. I have only tested the Imaging Source DFK31 and DMK41 models, but I believe others should work too.


  2. Indiana says:

    Works with the DFK 21BF04 at up to 60 fps.

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