My first piece of astronomy-related lathework

I’ve been wanting to tinker with Mire de Collimation to collimate my dob, but I didn’t have any handy way to fit a webcam into the eyepiece holder without removing the lens. So I found a lump of waste (and not great quality at that) aluminium and turned myself an adaptor. It’s nothing special and not actually even the most complicated thing I’ve made so far, but it’s the first piece of work I’ve done for astronomy on the lathe since I got it all set up and started teaching myself to use it a couple of months ago, so I’m feeling a little pleased with myself.


The barrel of the piece even has a taper inspired by those found on Explore Scientific eyepieces so it won’t get caught on eyepiece compression rings. The shoulder at the end of the taper is the same diameter as the end of the barrel (1.25″) so it shouldn’t be pushed off-centre when tightened up in the eyepiece holder.

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