Solar PV Generation Update, September 2012

We have reached the end of the first year with out solar PV installation and quite an odd one it has been, too. We had one of the mildest winters and generated far more in the first six months than I expected, followed by what is likely to be one of the wettest summers on record (and if it doesn’t turn out to be the wettest on record then it won’t be far off).

Despite this I’m pleased to say that the total generated power for the first year was 3,270kWh. This far exceeds the estimate given to us by the installer of 2,903kWh and is just over my own estimate based on our location and the orientation of the roof of 3,222kWh. Total generation for August was 356kWh, which is still lower than the models would predict.

This brings the total FIT income for the first year to £1507, with a further saving of up to about £490 on electricity we haven’t had to purchase from the grid.

Here’s hoping that the next year is somewhat better…

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