Comparison of JPEG and RAW White Light Solar Images

These two images were taken from the same imaging run, 60 of 120 images stacked, 1/1000th @ ISO100. The RAW files were processed with PIPP, but I couldn’t get Registax to process the TIFF files produced by PIPP from the JPEGs so I used the camera JPEG files directly. Both stacked in Registax v6 and finished off in Photoshop. I don’t think I need to hide which is which. It’s blindingly obvious…

First, the image from the RAW files:

and from the JPEGs:

And crops of the sunspots from the full size images:

I might try again, converting the JPEG to monochrome first, but I don’t think there’s any real comparison. The reduction in size of the JPEG in the full solar image clearly does it a lot of favours.

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