Solar PV Generation Update, Feb 2012

It’s the start of another month and time to review our solar PV installation once more…

Generation for January was 120kWh, almost double the estimated production for this area during January. In fact, every month so far we’ve exceeded not only the estimated generation according to the SAP model the government want us to use (so I understand), but also my own more generous estimate of what the performance should be for my installation.

Total production for the last five months has been 829 units, worth about £370 at the current FIT rates, plus a saving of up to £125 that we’ve not had to spend on electricity depending on how much of that electricity we actually used on-site.

I’m genuinely surprised that the figures are so high. I don’t see any particularly obvious reason for it. Whilst the winter has been mild, it has also been very wet and overcast and I was expecting relatively poor figures. I wonder if the temperature has an effect and if so, how much?

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