This Year’s Veg Plot Plans

This week I finally got around to ordering most of the seeds for our vegetable plot. Somewhat later than I usually do it (I plan to get everything sorted in November if I can, but events have overtaken me somewhat this winter).

So, what have I got? Well, in no particular order, two different carrots, various lettuces, mizuna, red and green peppers, salad and maincrop potatoes (and International Kidney, aka Jersey Royal, for new potatoes), Jerusalem artichokes, mangetout, early and late peas, sugar snap peas, sprouts, melons, aubergines, parsnips, spinach, cabbages, three tomato varieties, sweet corn, cauliflowers, brown and red onion sets, pumpkins, courgettes, cucumbers, kale, purple sprouting broccoli, french beans, broad beans, garlic, calabrese, celeriac, leeks, celery and three different chiles. I also have a few other seeds left over from last year. It’s going to be a busy year in the veg plot 🙂

As soon as the tomatoes and chiles turn up I think it will be time to make a first sowing of those in the propagator. Before then I’d best get the greenhouse cleared out and make sure there’s room in the polytunnel. Garlic really needs to go in as soon as possible too. I already have broad beans in the ground under cloches and some early peas and lettuces in the polytunnel. I’ll do some early potatoes and mangetout in the polytunnel early on as well.

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